A downloadable Poo Puncher for Android

Based off the Rooster Teeth Animated Adventure , where Michael tries to unblock a Toilet using nothing but his Fist.

It is incredibly realistic and dangerous to play with others. Early Access $50 DLC Pre-Order first in the line bonus armor pack coming soon.

HOW TO PLAY : Just fucking Tap the screen.

RT Community Games is a non-profit Community Group dedicated to creating FREE games for the Community.

The Game is based on content that was created originally by JayOrDan and Roosterteeeth. No copyright infringement intended.

Install instructions

Just downlaod the .apk file and open it. You should then be able to just install it.

Google play may ask you can you can it check it from time to time for safety reasons, but it should be all good!


Super Poo Puncher.apk 15 MB